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Docker RIP 2010 – 2018

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Docker RIP 2010 - 2018

Docker (Inc.) Is Dead

Aside from Uber, I can’t think of a more utilized, hyped, and well-funded Silicon Valley startup (still in operation) fumbling as bad as Docker did in 2017. People will look back on 2017 as the year Docker, a great piece of software, was completely ruined by bad business practices leading to its end in 2018.


The real problem with Docker is a lack of coherent leadership. There appears to have been a strategic focus around a singular person in the organization. This individual has been pushed further and further away from the core of the company but still remains. The company has reorganized and has shifted its focus to the enterprise. This shift makes sense for Docker’s investors (the company does have a fiduciary responsibility after all), but this shift is going to reduce the brand’s cool factor that fueled its wild success. It is said that “Great civilizations are not murdered. They commit suicide.” Docker has done just that.

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