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Register cheap .com domain at GoDaddy from $1.17


Why should we choose GoDaddy?

With more than 75 million domains under management, GoDaddy have more experience than anyone. GoDaddy make sure you find the right domain and that it’s got a secure, comfy home online. GoDaddy is also World’s Largest Registrar. More people trust GoDaddy than any other domain provider. Since the right domain name can set you up for future success, you don’t want to mess around. In my opinion, it’s always safe to go with the World’s Largest Registrar. Currently, GoDaddy is offering .com domain registration at low cost (just $1.17 for first year). This is good chance to register your website domain to prepage for going live on the Internet. Grab it now before too late.

Sound interesting, what should we do next with great offer from GoDaddy?

To save time, just follow this link to registration page for low price at GoDaddy. You will see

Register .com domain at GoDaddy for $0.81

Please note that this promotion is limited 1 per customer as you see. Type in .com domain you want to register then click Search to continue.

If your domain hasn’t been registered, you will see “Yes! Your domain is available.

GoDaddy Your domain is availableClick Continue to Cart to move to next page.

GoDaddy added privacy protection

In this page you will be notified that GoDaddy’ve added option Privacy Protection for you. It depends on your demand for privacy to select Privacy & Business Protection or No Thanks.

In this page you can also select email address option if you want.

GoDaddy email address service

After selecting options which fulfil your demand, just click Continue with these options to go to Purchase page

GoDaddy Purchase page

In this page you will see “VALID PROMOCODE You got a great deal!”. That is the reason I told you folow my link to registration page for low price  because it already contains promotion code for you so you don’t have to input promotion code yourself.

If you don’t see “VALID PROMOCODE You got a great deal!”, you can still input Promo Code: CJC99COM to get promotion.


You also see a reminder for privacy. If you want, click on Add Domain Privacy to add this service otherwise, skip it.

Please note that this low cost ($0.99) is only applied for first year so from second year the cost will be $9.99/year (not too expensive).  If you renew your domain, the cost will be $14.99/year.

In this page, you can also see some recommendations. Again, it’s depend on you to select or not.

I don’t select domain privacy and select only 1 year so my total cost is only $1.17

GoDaddy total costYou may wonder why there is additional fee $0.18 in here. It’s ICANN fee.


If you already have GoDaddy account, just click Sign in to fill in payment information. If you haven’t got account at GoDaddy, just click on Create Account button to create new one. That process is very easy and takes under 5 minutes to fill in registration form and click Create Account button to complete.

GoDaddy Create Account

In Payment area, you select pay by Checking or by Card then fill in needed information and click Save button then click Order button to complete registration request.

GoDaddy PaymentWait some minutes then you will receive your order information to your email from GoDaddy. Keep this email safe for managing your domain later.

If you have any issue in registration, please feel free to leave comment or contact us for supporting.

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