8 Best Practices that a CTO Must Follow to be Successful

8 best practices that a CTO must follow to be successful

CTO is not just a guy who sits down in his office and has deep technical thoughts. He must be a very talented person because he has to create an internal culture, a technology friendly approach that would be aligned with the company’s goals and strategies.

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10 things CTOs wish developers knew about tech and business

CTOs lead the organization’s tech team, and must hire and serve as a guide for developers who are actually building the products and services. Here are 10 things CTOs wish developers would understand.

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10 books every developers should read to increase their software IQ

The best thing you (developers) can do to improve as a developer is to read anything that will sharpen your speed and comprehension skills. The more effective you become at reading, the more efficient you will become in your day-to-day work building software.

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Balance life and work

Life as a developer: How can we balance work and life

Wake up, go to work, stare at a screen, come back home, sleep. This is the daily routine of a typical developer. And it’s a fact that developers spent majority of their time with computers. Away from general public or the human presence. How can we balance work and life?

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