HTTP2 for faster and safer Internet

What is HTTP/2 and why you should apply to your website?

HTTP/2 offers a dramatic speed boost as the line can be kept open and a lot of stuff can be sent at once. HTTP/2 is a newish protocol that will drastically speed up the web. It uses new technologies to take away one of the biggest bottle necks of the web introducing full multiplexing connections.

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WordPress most popular security plugin

Best WordPress security plugin to keep your site secure

WordPress itself is built with a solid and secure framework, but this doesn’t make it immune to hackers. Because of this, have an extra layer of security for your site by using security plugin is not a bad idea. Here are some of the best WordPress security plugins to help you protect your site

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SSL Secure Connection

Renew SSL certificate for your website when expiring

SSL certificate is importance to your website. When customers see the SSL icon, they’re reassured that their financial information is safe and secure. This helps build consumer loyalty and confidence in your brand. Renew SSL certificate is simple and fast and it should be done before expired.

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