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Xshell 6 come with a lot of new features

Session Manager

Xshell 6 made some intuitive changes to Xshell’s interface.The biggest change is the introduction of the Session Manager which has its own pane directly within Xshell so users can easily create, edit, and delete session files. Now, all aspects of session management as well as the ability to simultaneously launch multiple sessions can be accessed within Xshell via the Session Manager.

Xshell 6 Session Manager feature

Dockable UI

In Xshell 6, the Session Manager pane, compose pane, and other panes can be docked in Xshell’s main window. This provides even more functionality to Xshell’s already customizable configuration. Users can simply drag and drop to take advantage of the docking capabilities.

Xshell 6 Dockable UI Feature

SSH PKCS#11 Support

The PKCS#11 protocol enables users to securely store the user’s private keys using a hardware token(HSM) for added security.

Theme Selection

You can now select the color and overall theme of Xshell as desired.

Xshell 6 Theme Selection Feature

Compose Pane

Previously, Xshell could only deliver a single line of prepared characters to the terminal using the Compose Bar. Xshell 6 introduces the Composition Pane that gives users the ability to prepare multiple lines of script or strings and deliver its entirety to the current session or multiple sessions simultaneously.

Xshell 6 Compose Pane Feature

Highlight Sets

Xshell 6 allows users to distinguish the terminal’s character string output using a user defined text and background color. Users can easily manage the keywords they’d like to highlight as well as create groupings (Highlight Sets) for set keywords to use in specific situations.

Xshell 6 Highlight Sets

Horizontal Scrollbar

You may come across long lines, user defined forms, etc. that don’t play nice with line breaks in your terminal. With Xshell’s support for Horizontal Scrollbars, you’ll see a much cleaner view for easier monitoring of remote servers.

Xshell 6 Horizontal Scrollbar

Separate Font Integration for ASCII and Non-ASCII (Chinese, Korean, etc) Characters

Normally, in certain windows, an ASCII character and a non-ASCII character may differ in size even if they are using the same font. In Xshell 6 users can specify separate fonts for different languages resulting in a more consistent and stable terminal output. Xshell 6 expands upon Xshell 5’s already impressive international capabilities.

Xshell 6 Separate Font Integration

Search Web for Selected Text

Any selected string within Xshell 6’s terminal can immediately be searched on the web using a user defined search engine.

Various Bell/Alarm Options

When monitoring a remote server, users set alerts to notify them of any changes, errors, etc. Using only string based alerts may not be enough to engage the user. Xshell 6’s bell options provide a variety of sounds and screen effects to ensure users are properly alerted of any changes.

Stability and Performance Enhancement Tools

Xshell 6 enhanced our trace messages and added more logging options so users can more efficiently identify and diagnose connection issues. A transmission delay feature has been added to facilitate the negotiation of string transmissions when communication speeds must be accounted for.

Still using Xshell 5

If you are still using previous version, see this post for existing features.

Download Xshell 6

Click this link to download Xshell 6.

If you are using Xshell 6 for home and/or school, you have right to use it free by access free license link.


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